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Sensor for Biometrics and Health Care

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Biometric Recognition Sensor

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Fingerprint Sensor & Vein Sensor

Biometrics is a system that uses personal characteristics to identify a user. Among them, the vein sensor extracts the distribution of veins located under the skin with an image sensor to check the identity inside the human body. Due to its low dependence on the external environment, security is higher than iris recognition and other biometric technologies such as fingerprint, voice and facial recognition.The research team is developing a flexible transparent vein sensor array for mobile security services. We will research photodiodes, transparent electrode arrays, and flexible device arrays for this purpose.

[1] G.-J. Jeon et al. "Highly Sensitive Active-Matrix Driven Self-Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor based on Oxide Thin-Film Transistor", Scientific Reports, 2019

pressure sensor.png

Pressure Sensor

With the advent of an aging society, wearable smart devices that are accessible at any time are receiving more and more attention. Pressure sensors are the most important components in human-computer interaction systems. In our research group, we are developing wearable pressure sensors for electronic skin and pressure sensor arrays that can be used as human-machine interfaces. We are also highly focused on flexible fiber based devices, as well as high-reliability, high-performance devices.

[1] G.-J. Jeon et al. "A highly sensitive, stable, scalable pressure sensor based on a facile baking-inspired foaming process for a human-computer interfaces", Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2020
[2] T. Jin et al. "Ultrathin Nanofibrous Membranes Containin Insulating Microbeads for Highly Sensitive Flexible Pressure Sensors", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020

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